Plasma TorusTarana is an exciting and ground-breaking Trombone/synth (Rick Parker) & Drums/electronics (Ravish Momin) DUO that blurs the boundaries between the electronic and the acoustic, while blending a vast array of influences, ranging from Jazz to Juke to Disco to Bollywood. Using digital and analog electronics, they layer live loops, melodies, textures and sounds on top of their tight-knit acoustic instruments to create a symphonic sound that also explores deep-grooving rhythms from across the world. [Read More]

Plasma Torus~Liv is the audio-visual Project of Pablo Rosero; composer, performer, visual and sound artist. Pablo Rosero's work involves different artistic means and multiple formats including graphic/digital arts, installations, performance, field recordings, control surfaces, sound-visual design, movement sensors and composition.

For Plasma Torus, Rosero arrives with a 7-track album of critical cinematic compositions. Lead track Aloine touches on the glistening glitch tracks of golden-era Raster Norton and melodic tendencies of early Rephlex Records. 'Atardecer' delivers sparse widescreen atmosphere's, complete with a lush piano and found sound textures. Label boss Santiago Niño teams up with Manuel Narváez to create two further developed renditions. [Read More]

Plasma Torus'Lift & Hold For Stolen' on Plasma Torus is the second album by Danish-born, Berlin-based software junkie Mads Lindgren a.k.a Monolog. The album integrates vast power-electronics and immersive noisescapes within the rhythmic frames of modern electronic dance music including Dubstep, Breakbeat and Drum and Bass, to create rapid, frenzied beat patterns, abrasive melodic noise, fluctuating elements of contemporary jazz and even metal, plus other external audio detritus. It follows 'Aerodymanic', his 2012 debut on Uhrlaut Records. [Read More]

Plasma TorusPlasma Torus head honcho, the Columbian born Santiago Nino steps up to the plate for the fourth album on the label titled 'Mind Creates Meaning'. Stepping further away from his eclectic trance roots for labels such as Lost Language, Cohagen and Dub Tech, Nino showcases his ability to convey eccentric musical narratives with this cracking 19 track album.

The music sits somewhere between contemporary Trance, golden-era Electronica and the nuances of the LA Beat scene, paired with eerie transitions and plenty of semi-organic sounding oddities. 'No Mission' utilises spooky air traffic control recordings laced over sporadic proto-garage beats and trance pads. 'The Good Things Are' starts with synthesised guitar plucks before it dives head first into some woozy electro. [Read More]

Plasma TorusAerofustan are Carolina Niño (aka La Niña Niño) and Leke Garcia, two electronic musicians and graphic designers brought together by one self-derived musical vision: The Experimental Tropicale. Discovering, merging and experimenting, Aerofustan have created a world based around groove and texture, referencing 8bit video games, Moombahton bass lines, the percussive waves of Cumbia and kaleidoscope electro. For their second release on Plasma Torus they deliver their debut album, titled 'Divinio Sound.' [Read More]

Plasma TorusFollowing his debut full-length on Plasma Torus, Guatemalan Alex Hentze returns with two new cuts of melodic house music, titled 'Stars In Your Eyes' & 'When Tomorrow Comes,' complete with stunning remixes from Japan's disco don Max Essa and Plasma Torus' own Santiago Nino.

'Star In your Eyes' is an upbeat excursion into welcoming territories of flexing melodies and pulsing bass. Max Essa's classic Disco rendition gives us another quiver to the already dancable bow.

Plasma TorusYoung Guatemalan upstarts Aerofustan debut on Plasma Torus in 2012, seeing the label uncover another of it's musical facets with a fusion of bumping electronica and Reggaeton, cheekily genrefied as 'Electropical' by the duo themselves.

'La Pegajosa' is a bitcrushed excursion in dancefloor mechanics. Crunchy synth arifacts circulate the pulsing Moombahton riddim below a hypnotic lead line and moody vocal edits. Sharp weaponry indeed.

Plasma TorusGuatemalan hero Alex Hentze is set to release his first long-player on the Mysterious Plasma Torus label. After the stunning offerings in the previous release.

After a beautiful interlude of elastic strings and guitars in 'When I'm With You,' we're met by a blanket of crackle and warmth in 'Young Again' where airy guitars and glocks encas Isabel Canjura & Federico Franco's ethereal vocals.

We hope you enjoy it as much as we have!

Plasma TorusThe mysterious Plasma Torus label unveil their next release, this time manifested by Guatemalan hero Alex Hentze. The title track 'Here We Go Again' features guest vocals from Isable Canjura with a stunning Chrome Sparks remix.

Alex Hentze's history lays primarily in the top-rung of the progressive house and trance scenes in South America. Despite success in his field, it wasn't until he stood back from the mainstream momentarily that he felt he was creating music as an accurate and true representation of himself. Hentze been building a reputation for his solo productions as well as his collaborative projects ever since.

Plasma TorusIndigo Children AKA Santiago Niño, Alex Hentze, and Chiri Silva is a musical project based in Guatemala City.

The music is an eclectic mix of EDM, leftfield, cinematic and ambient soundscapes.

The trios debut album titled "Muzai", which was recorded in Guatemala City; it only took about seven months, a semi-pro studio, a couple of guitars and some other random instruments. The album tells us a story that reminds us of a different time and place that never happened or existed.

Plasma TorusIndigo Children AKA Santiago Niño, Alex Hentze, and Chiri Silva is a musical project based in Guatemala City.

The music is an eclectic mix of EDM, leftfield, cinematic and ambient soundscapes.

To celebrate the debut release on the new Plasma Torus record label (A&R'ed by Santiago Niño) we are giving away one of their more commercial sounding tracks "Everybody Needs", grab it here.

Plasma TorusWelcome to Plasma Torus, a new record label created in march 2011 by Santiago Niño, under the purpose of releasing the most eclectic, outstanding and unique musical projects in the electronic scene around the world. We are based in Buenos Aires and London.

Bienvenidos A Plasma Torus, un nuevo sello discográfico creado en Marzo del 2011 por Santiago Niño, bajo el propósito de lanzar los proyectos musicales mas eclécticos, profundos y únicos de la escena electrónica mundial. Operamos en Buenos Aires y Londres.