Indigo Children - Everybody Needs


Indigo Children AKA Santiago Niño, Alex Hentze, and Chiri Silva is a musical project based in Guatemala City. The debut release on the new Plasma Torus record label (A&Red by Santiago Nino). Their music is a eclectic mix of EDM, leftfield, cinematic and ambient soundscapes.

This first single 'Everybody Needs' represents a first foray into their music and a trip to the more energetic and commercial end of their musical spectrum. Driving beats, motorik drums, shining guitars and uplifting chords are the order of the day.

The trio have just recently finished their debut album titled 'Muzai', which was recorded in Guatemala City; it only took about seven months, a semi-pro studio, a couple of guitars and some other random instruments. The album tells us a story that reminds us of a different time and place that never happened, that it clearly has strokes of un selfishness and honesty, with the only purpose to make good quality music. Stay tuned for the release of Muzai later in 2011.


Written & Produced by Santiago Niño, Alex Hentze, and Chiri Silva

Published by Dharma Songs