Alex Hentze Ft. Isabel Canjura - Here We Go Again

Alex Hentze Ft. Isabel Canjura - Here We Go Again

Released: 21st Nov 2011


The mysterious Plasma Torus label unveil their next release, this time manifested by Guatemalan hero Alex Hentze. The title track 'Here We Go Again' features guest vocals from Isable Canjura with a stunning Chrome Sparks remix.

Alex Hentze's history lays primarily in the top-rung of the progressive house and trance scenes in South America. Despite success in his field, it wasn't until he stood back from the mainstream momentarily that he felt he was creating music as an accurate and true representation of himself. Hentze been building a reputation for his solo productions as well as his collaborative projects ever since.

'Making music with other people is one of the most pleasant experiences; it's an unspoken understanding that recreates communication through never ending vibrations and a fractal background.' explains Hentze, on his work with Isabel Canjura and others. 'When you make music without a purpose other than creating something real marvels emerge.'

The title track is a moving pop-tinged affair rich with emotive phrases and lush production. The Chrome Sparks remix is shimmering, half-time rendition, super atmospheric; super lovely.

Watch out fo the album in 2012!


Written & Produced By Alex Hentze.

Vocals by Isabel Canjura.

Published by Dharma Songs.

(P) & (C) 2011 Plasma Torus.