Aerofustan - La Pegajosa

Aerofustan - La Pegajosa

Released: 20th Feb 2012


Young Guatemalan upstarts Aerofustan debut on Plasma Torus in 2012, seeing the label uncover another of it's musical facets with a fusion of bumping electronica and Reggaeton, cheekily genrefied as 'Electropical' by the duo themselves.

'La Pegajosa' is a bitcrushed excursion in dancefloor mechanics. Crunchy synth arifacts circulate the pulsing Moombahton riddim below a hypnotic lead line and moody vocal edits. Sharp weaponry indeed.

The remix from Barcelonian Superstar Meneo ramps up the pace with a choice selection of percussive synth elements and swelling bass.

The release is reminiscent of Mad Decent-esque Moombahton and US dubstep flavours, but decidedly more crunchy and vibrant. Quality stuff.


Written by Pablo García Canga-ArgÜelles & Carolina Nino Rodríguez

Produced by Aerofustan

Published by Dharma Songs.

(P) & (C) 2012 Plasma Torus.