~Liv - Land EP


~Liv is the audio-visual Project of Pablo Rosero; composer, performer, visual and sound artist. Pablo Rosero's work involves different artistic means and multiple formats including graphic/digital arts, installations, performance, field recordings, control surfaces, sound-visual design, movement sensors and composition.

For Plasma Torus, Rosero arrives with a 7-track album of critical cinematic compositions. Lead track Aloine touches on the glistening glitch tracks of golden-era Raster Norton and melodic tendencies of early Rephlex Records. 'Atardecer' delivers sparse widescreen atmosphere's, complete with a lush piano and found sound textures. Label boss Santiago Niño teams up with Manuel Narváez to create two further developed renditions.

Heliceohalobus Mephisto is an ambient, crackling digital masterpiece. The textures come across like an alien language, punctuating the synth drone pads. Vortex Count compounds devilish rhythmic momentum into the mix with his remix. Pierre Jolivet diverts the smooth pads to create a stripped back experience for his edit, with subtle effects and strange digital artefacts throughout.


Written & Produced by Pablo Rosero

Additional Work by Santiago Niño, Manuel Narváez, Vortex Count, Pierre Jolivet

Published By Copyright Control

Artwork by Carolina Niño

(P) & (C) 2013 Plasma Torus.